This guide compares the 16 best play to earn games (P2E) in February 2023. Receive rewards today through play and earn gaming.

Choosing startups that are worth your time and money can be difficult.

It can be difficult to decide which blockchain games are worthwhile of your time and money when dozens have just lately been released.

We did a thorough analysis of a number of variables, including liquidity, active user growth rates, and the total amount of assets locked in game smart contracts, to aid in this quest. After carefully examining thousands of games, we have narrowed the field down to five NFT titles that we think merit your attention.


Cheelee is a GameFi platform for short videos with a creative approach to grabbing users’ interest. Social media fanatics will undoubtedly be interested in this initiative. Users in Cheelee are compensated for watching their preferred videos.

Users have the ability to make money, relax, mingle, and gain notoriety in Cheelee. Every Cheelee user may now make money while scrolling through their page, making content monetization no longer the exclusive domain of bloggers and shareholders. Yes, paying attention is a benefit!

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Users that register get a free pair of NFT glasses, which are needed to earn tokens inside the app. You can either update your glasses or keep them as-is. Cheelee features a zero entry fee, making it possible for anyone to start earning money with no out-of-pocket costs.

Cheelee is a play-to-earn NFT game that targets a wider audience of 4.6 billion social network users—nearly half of the world! This is in contrast to other NFT games that target gamers and cryptocurrency aficionados. These numbers demonstrate true mass acceptance.

It results directly from the market project’s worth, potential, and quickly rising popularity among social media users worldwide.

You can probably already predict how many people will be interested in the project given the rapid development of WEB3. Also recently listed on BitMart, Cheelee’s token CHEEL is now a fantastic opportunity to get it at a reasonable price.

Investors from institutions support Cheelee. Cheelee already had $22.45 million in 2022, including $11 million from the company’s founders and $8 million in equity investments from venture capitalists Sila and Veligera.

MMO Outer Ring

The Outer Ring MMO is an insanely awesome MMORPG that combines fantasy and science fiction. You may literally own everything in the game—from skins to ships—and buy, sell, and trade it just like any other item in your garage thanks to NFT technology.

Five races battle for dominance over planets and resources in a setting taken from the “Outer Ring Saga” novel.

Since there is no predetermined plot, you are free to do any action you like. Additionally, there are a tonne of NFT assets to gather. You can fight other players or in-game characters. You can even obtain bonuses for each weapon’s various tiers from treasure boxes that cost between 15 and 1500 BUSD.

Additionally, there are virtual land parcels for sale if you’re feeling fancy. Virtual reality goggles work with the game as well.


BurgerCities is a gaming metaverse with various built-in features, including farming and a decentralized exchange. Users can play inside the metaverse or communicate with each other, complete tasks, and receive rewards.

The received coins can be exchanged on the DEX or invested in the central bank of the virtual city for additional yields. BurgerCities has a very strong DeFi component. Here you can become a liquidity provider or a staker.

All in-game items are given as NFTs and can also be traded. Land and buildings are also part of the gameplay, users can build and develop their own cities, and rent out premises.

By the name of the game, you can understand that the game plots of the metaverse revolve around the production and sale of burgers in a cafe. As such, there is no single game in the metaverse: there is a set of game scenarios, the user can choose the one that he likes best.

IX Planet

A play-to-earn strategic game built on the Polygon blockchain is called Planet IX. It aims to repair a damaged planet and return it to its previous environmental splendour.

The goal of the game is for players to restore the green and blue splendour of Planet IX by purchasing “PIX”—small plots of land—and equipping them with infrastructure that will aid in reviving the planet. It’s like having the responsibilities of both a planetary gardener and a space janitor combined.

In-game businesses with unique tokens occupy the game world. In addition to joining clans, players can sell and buy artefacts as well as harvest materials from owned virtual lands and restore depleted soils.

Every item in the game is displayed as an NFT on the Polygon blockchain. The primary objective of the game is to instill in players a mindful and frugal attitude towards the environment.

Users can also boost the game’s profitability by staking or serving as a liquidity provider. All stakeholder engagement is rewarded with consistent payouts.

The project actively collaborates with green non-profit groups from the actual world, including when it comes to landscaping the territory, and it frequently updates the public on the tens of thousands of tree seedlings that have been planted.

Miner Midas

Although it has a straightforward plot and is a conventional play-to-earn blockchain game, it has attracted hundreds of thousands of active users worldwide. If you don’t want to get bogged down in intricate story details, it is the ideal pass the time.

Users can create gold deposits, acquire NFTs, enhance characters, and purchase and trade in-game attributes. The game liberally pays players for carrying out easy tasks.

To sum up, the blockchain gaming industry is always changing, and new business models are continually appearing. It’s inspiring to watch so many original concepts come to life.

Some of them might have the ability to both disrupt and establish new industries. Who knows which game on the list above will become the next big thing.

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