At present, sustainability is the buzzword, and truly so, seeing that a post-pandemic world is facing a climate crisis intimidating both our lifestyle as well as existence. The WBCSD supports big businesses that are dedicated to sustainable action and facilitates those on the lookout for executing changes to decarbonise their firms. 

For the past many years, Peter Bakker has supported the World Business Council for Sustainable Development based in Switzerland’s Geneva; the leading worldwide, CEO-led community of more than 200 of the world’s top sustainable businesses. Being a membership organisation, WBCSD considers businesses a vitally essential driver in leading the change considered necessary to make sure more than nine billion individuals are living in good health, within environmental boundaries by 2050 – a nature-constructive and unbiased future. 

On the other hand, businesses unaided will not be able to make sure the scale of transformation looked for. The list of WBCSD members includes several of the world’s most prominent brand names and domestic names. Is it for businesses to set a trend on climate change and self-control, or is it for governments to take further steps and makes transformation by way of strict rules & regulations? 

A combination of rules & regulations in addition to controlling businesses to keep driving ahead of change is looked-for. Let’s take energy for instance. Energy commands the financial system and facilitates individuals to live the lives they wish for. A sustainable energy system will need to make available consistent and reasonable net-zero carbon energy for each and every one. The swiftness at which the energy system will get decarbonised will significantly manage our capacity to restrict the increase in worldwide temperatures to 1.5°C.

Both decarbonisation, as well as changeover, will only take place if progressive companies within the energy space work jointly to devise a net-zero carbon, nature constructive, and unbiased energy revolution over and above scale pioneering businesses in favor of low-carbon energy solutions. We need to convey new ground-breaking thinking collectively with the scale and reach considered necessary to drive and execute change.

The first point is reinventing capitalism, and not in a self-opinionated manner. At present, three severe crises in sustainability take into account climate insecurity, loss of the natural world, and rising inequity. In our existing model of capitalism, we only work out fiscal performance; we don’t combine environmental or communal performance. We should start combining the environmental and communal impacts that businesses, as well as governments, have.

Providing the growing inclination towards ‘green washing,’ there are individuals who may believe that they have lost faith in businesses’ self-chosen green proposals. We are lucky in that our association is completely charitable; however, there are several criteria that members have to follow at the same time as deciding to be a member. 

In our existing model of capitalism, we only work out financial performance; we don’t combine environmental or communal performance. Just taking suitable action and being clear about what is your target and whether you are making development can you re-establish the faith. 

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