Refunds affect online sales. 30% of nShift’s digital returns are exchanges, reducing losses and user-friendly interface boosts customer happiness.

Online shopping could suffer greatly from the existing refund procedure, which has the potential to be the “silent killer of profits” for the industry. But as delivery management software supplier nShift has discovered, introducing a digital returns process can aid in the conversion of 30% of returns into exchanges.

Even if buyers return an item in good condition, nShift found that returns can cost an online retailer up to 66% of the original item’s cost. To fight this, the company advises that businesses run an intuitive, digital returns process, which might increase customer trust and possibly boost revenue.

Retailers may employ the ideas in nShift’s list of techniques to expand their return business. The company has emphasized the effectiveness of turning returns into exchanges. It was clarified that a user-friendly returns interface made it simpler for the customer to swap the item they were returning for another from the manufacturer or store.

E-commerce businesses can automate the exchange procedure by using the correct returns software. Customers of nShift Returns can exchange about 30% of returns, assisting shops in keeping their sales.

Recently, nShift introduced a “Essential” tier to its Returns solution in order to accommodate this. Retailers can now trace every return centrally thanks to the new layer. This helps identify underlying issues, such as inadequate product descriptions, and ensures that things that can be sold quickly return to the shelves.

In order to facilitate exchanges at the point of return and automatic refunds, the comprehensive nShift Returns solution provides an automated platform.

“Having a transparent returns policy is crucial”

A clear returns policy is crucial in the current e-commerce market, according to Philipp Goldberg, product director for returns at nShift. Many customers would just refuse to make a purchase if they can’t see how to return a goods. Returns, however, also present a chance for corporate expansion. Retailers who get this right will increase the exchange rate of returns, provide new marketing possibilities, and eventually see a decline in the volume of returns.

Online merchants and webshops should implement a returns software solution that delivers a cutting-edge customer experience and captures essential data on sent-back items to make the most of returns.

Retailers fighting to hang onto earnings may find further advantages that digital return systems can provide, according to nShift. It is challenging to collect information regarding returns when using manual return methods. Businesses may analyze a variety of data produced by digital processes to help them spot trends and patterns. Teams can find and fix frequent issues that result in products being returned, eventually lowering the amount of returns.

Additionally, the manufacturer of delivery management software emphasized that emails regarding refunds have considerably greater open rates than other retail communications. E-commerce businesses can increase their sales prospects by incorporating marketing messages into these emails.

Digital return procedures can also make it simpler to allow customers to return their purchases to a retailer. By doing this, they will have the opportunity to speak with a staff member who can persuade them to exchange the item. Additionally, the buyer will see additional goods and marketing material inside the store.

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