This announcement highlights the official release of Gods Unchained, a popular Ethereum-based blockchain trading card game, on the Epic Games Store.

It’s official: Epic Games Store has today announced the release of the well-known Ethereum-based blockchain trading card game Gods Unchained.

With this launch, more than 230 million PC players will have simple access to the Web3 gaming community and will be able to play Gods Unchained for the first time.

The launch came after the new plan for Gods Unchained was revealed, and it represents a step in the game’s brand-renewal process.

All the information on Gods Unchained, the blockchain, and Web3 gaming

Immutable Games, the top producer and publisher of Web3 games worldwide, said today that Gods Unchained, a well-liked Ethereum-based trading card game, is now accessible on the Epic Games Store.

Gods Unchained has reached a major milestone with the opening of the Epic Games Store, where it will compete with other popular digital trading card games (TCGs) like Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Legends of Runeterra.

Additionally, this expanded accessibility on a significant digital distribution platform offers over 230 million players the chance to access the game and fully immerse themselves in the Bitcoin universe.

Gods Unchained’s status as one of the most lucrative Ethereum-based trading card games is further cemented by the relationship with Epic Games Store, which gives a wide range of players the ability to enjoy the immersive and competitive gameplay of this flagship product. It is now easily reachable and attainable for the more than 230 million PC users who now make up the substantial player population of this platform thanks to its recent launch on the Epic Games Store.

Gods Unchained’s 2023 roadmap highlights the game’s continued focus on innovation

The following was said about the release by Gods Unchained executive producer Daniel Paez:

“The importance of Gods Unchained’s release on Epic Games Store, one of the biggest PC gaming marketplaces in the world, cannot be overstated. We are happy to introduce our game to a brand-new, incredibly sizable audience of devoted PC gamers and TCG fans. It is a logical next step in our journey and fulfills our commitment to our community to keep introducing Gods Unchained to a broad range of players.

In its newly released updated roadmap for 2023, the Gods Unchained team has included a variety of new features for in-game interaction.

In reality, Gods Unchained is scheduled to have a soft launch for Android and iOS mobile devices by the end of the year after more than 60,000 game sessions were conducted during the pre-alpha phase focused on gameplay and design for Android mobile consumers.

The team is eager to experiment with new game elements, including the eagerly anticipated “Sealed” mode, in addition to enhancing the user experience overall and enhancing many aspects of quality of life.

We want to be clear that Gods Unchained will be the first web3 TCG to use this mode; typically, this mode is only seen in traditional TCGs. The “Sealed” mode will concentrate on a buy-in queue where players can select one of three gods and have decks made up of a pool of 60 randomly chosen cards.

The Gods Unchained team is dedicated to ongoing game innovation and development, as evidenced by these upgrades and new features, which give TCG aficionados an interesting and engaging experience on mobile platforms.

Game modes: “Sealed,” “Chaos Constructed” and more 

Players are given the challenge of obtaining seven triumphs or suffering three defeats, depending on which event comes first, in the various game modes: “Sealed,” “Chaos Constructed,” and more “Sealed,” with incentives according on their performance.

Players can employ cross-domain cards from the given pool and own multiple copies of legendary cards in this mode because the usual deck-building restrictions are not in effect.

Other fun game modes will be added and dropped in the near future. For instance, the “Chaos Constructed” mode, which is presently in development, will remove constraints and permit the use of cards that fall under the purview of the chosen God.

A new WebGL-based technological framework has also been added to enhance the packet-opening experience, making it run more smoothly on all devices, even mobile ones.

With the introduction of a new content creation program, community connection will be further improved. This program will enable users to create movies of their favorite gaming moments and share them with the community, receiving token incentives as rewards.

Gods Unchained’s creators are aiming to be even more proactive in their communications with the community in order to grow the game immensely.

Players will receive regular updates on game changes through development logs, and a revised roadmap will be given every three months to give players a clear idea of what to anticipate going forward.

Daniel Paez, the executive producer, and other team members will converse frequently on Discord with players to update them on weekly developments in the game ecosystem.

In conclusion, we can say that Gods Unchained is entering an exhilarating and entirely new stage of its development, evolving from a primarily Web3-focused game into a major trading card game (TCG) that caters to both strategy and blockchain enthusiasts.

Gods Unchained
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