“Bridge,” MENA Fintech Association’s dynamic initiative shaping fintech marketing for widespread growth in the Middle East and North Africa.

“Bridge” is a new working group dedicated to fintech marketing that was formed by the MENA Fintech Association, a non-profit that serves both established and fledgling fintech companies in the Middle East and Africa.

Bridge will bring together marketing specialists, industry experts, and important stakeholders to plan and carry out creative marketing campaigns that will promote the expansion and exposure of fintech businesses in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) area.

In order to support the development of the fintech ecosystem and, eventually, increase awareness and adoption of fintech solutions in the Middle East and Africa, this working group will concentrate on developing comprehensive marketing strategies, utilising digital channels, fostering collaborations, and planning educational events.

The group intends to actively pursue the establishment of a strong network that serves as a conduit between fintech startups, established players, and regulatory bodies. This network will ensure that marketing strategies are in line with evolving regulations and drive the fintech landscape of the region towards sustainable growth and global recognition.

The new working committee has nominated Eric Fulwiler as its chair. The MENA Fintech Association was established in 2018 and is now regarded as one of the top four fintech organisations worldwide. The group, which has a significant presence in the Middle East and Africa, has led the charge in promoting cooperation and innovation in the fintech sector.


The goal of Bridge is to “nurture the growth of fintech” in MENA

Regarding the new working group, Nameer Khan, chairman of the MENA Fintech Association, said, “Bridge represents a significant milestone in our continuous commitment to bolstering the fintech landscape across the MENA region.” This creative working group is an example of a cooperative endeavour to advance the sector by strategically utilising marketing knowledge.

Our goal is to strengthen the fintech industry’s influence and presence in addition to fostering its growth. Bridge will act as a forum for thought leadership, encouraging a shared vision that synchronises marketing tactics with the changing demands of the sector.

“We believe that this strategic initiative will open up previously unheard-of opportunities and solidify the MENA region’s position as a major player in the global fintech arena.”

Paymentology’s head of marketing and MENA Fintech Association board member Nadia Benaissa gave this explanation: “I am passionate about fintech marketing and how it has evolved over the years.”

The role is essential to the success of fintech and startups, but CMOs in creative environments frequently have to start from scratch because they don’t have any role models.

Furthermore, we advertise in diverse cultural contexts ranging from the Middle East to Africa and beyond.

“Bridge seeks to enhance the role of CMOs by fostering an environment in which they can flourish, learn, and exchange significant experiences with their colleagues.”

Bridging the gap between efficient communication and technology improvements

“I am thrilled to steer an initiative that embodies the essence of its name,” said Eric Fulwiler, chair of Bridge and co-founder of Rival. At Bridge, our goal is to become the hub between the fintech sector and the marketing domain, in addition to being a leader in the development of novel marketing techniques.

Our goal is to construct a cooperative ecosystem that serves as a link between existing companies, up-and-coming businesses, and regulatory agencies. Through this partnership, we can make sure that our marketing initiatives not only increase awareness and acceptance but also smoothly comply with the constantly changing regulatory environment.

As our working group’s name, “Bridge,” suggests, our goal is to serve as the bridge that connects the finance and marketing domains. We see a mutually beneficial partnership whereby financial breakthroughs are strategically paired with state-of-the-art marketing techniques, while also increasing their visibility.

“Through this synergy, we hope to not only accelerate the fintech industry’s growth but also close the gap that exists between technology and efficient communication. We hope to act as a link between innovation and customer engagement in the dynamic MENA area. The link that connects a product’s worth to market demands is its marketing. We think marketing plays a critical, frequently misunderstood or underappreciated role in propelling intentional, long-term growth in fintech companies as well as the industry at large.

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