The average length of a bull market is 3.8 years with the longest bull market being the 11 year run from 2009 to 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic collapsed the markets.

Ever since the early days, the crypto sector has grown to a large extent. Projects are more reliable, exchanges are more flexible, and their participants are more unbiased.

However, regardless of all the growth witnessed, some horrific moments led millions to lose funds and face horrifying realities. In the past two years, we have witnessed bizarre projects, strange yields, hacked protocols, and more. 

This Halloween is the scary incident of the last crypto bull cycle.

1. The Terra Fiasco

This year’s Terra debacle is one of the scariest crypto incidents. A once striking project with a flourishing ecosystem and the compelling Do Kwon at its control, the Terra project rose to distinction as fast as it moved away, leaving many investors in disaster in the development.

Regrettably, it was mainly one part of the Terra ecosystem that was established to be the bottom line of its unavoidable collapse. UST was interrelated to LUNA, the cost of which was established by the marketplace. At the same time as UST’s status as all the time being equal to 1 LUNA caused arbitrage openings, it also left the intact ecosystem in danger of misuse.

UST momentarily managed to repeg but ultimately went into falling down, and nothing Kwon pitched at it could subside the death twisting. Owing to their inextricable connection, Terra’s failure signified that the cost of LUNA also crashed harshly. Terra Labs decided to close down the blockchain all in all, but that yielded a no better outcome.

2. Celsius Going Bust

The Terra fiasco and the exaggerated slump in the broader crypto marketplace trailed, to a great extent exaggerated centralized crypto lenders. One of these fateful was Celsius, a now-redundant crypto lender that was earlier as valuable as billions of dollars.

In the crypto lending marketplace, Celsius was very popular. Celsius had over $8 billion in loans to clients, approximately $12 billion in assets under the organization, and 1.7 million every day clients. The firm built its standing on the back of presenting yields of as much as 17% on top of deposited crypto assets. 

The Celsius magic turned horrible as the marketplace went into turn down in the 2022’s summer. In June, the lender was forced to close down withdrawals as massive customers left the platform amid the out-of-control marketplace commotion. It fast became clear that Celsius was facing grave liquidity issues.

3. Mango Markets Manipulation

Even though the Mango Markets attack wasn’t performed all through the most recent bull marketplace, it deserves attention for the reason that of the utter quantity stolen and the witty management that took place.

The story stated on October 11th, 2022, at what time the Solana-based decentralized finance protocol Mango Markets’ developers noticed aberrant changes in its security value. Within a few minutes, Mango’s assets were completely exhausted of all equity, totaling a heavy amount of $114 million.

The last crypto bull run witnessed plenty of reasons to be both thrilled and scared. Many suffered due to the different traps set up by each cycle of the bull market.

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