Immutable unveils three new games on zkEVM, backed by industry giants Disney China, Alibaba Cloud, Google, and Square Enix.

Immutable, the industry-leading Web3 gaming platform, has revealed that three new games are in development, with teams in Australia and Asia preparing to build them on Immutable’s zkEVM technology. Notably, well-known backers including Disney China, Alibaba Cloud, Google, and Square Enix have contributed money to these games.

Disney China’s investment and Google’s assistance will soon bring new Web3 games to the market

As expected, Immutable, the top Web3 gaming platform, has revealed that three new games—GensoKishi Online, Cursed Stone, and Sailwars—that are now in production would be developed on Immutable zkEVM.

This scalability rollup, designed with web3 game creators in mind, offers complete compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and is built on Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZK).

Immutable’s vice president of global business development, Andrew Sorokovsky, offered the following observations:

“It’s inspiring to see more studios embracing Immutable to really level up their game.  This transformative tech offers game developers enterprise-grade security, massive network effects, lower development costs, and seamless interoperability with the Ethereum ecosystem — putting web3 games on par with their web2 counterparts. 

It’s a momentous step forward, and we’re delighted to announce that these exciting new titles have already recognized the immense potential of zk technology, choosing it to power the next phase of their development.”

Sorokovsky went on to say:

“Based out of Australia and Asia, these visionary teams align perfectly with Immutable’s strategic focus of fostering the growth of web3 gaming across the Asia-Pacific.”


The partnership between GensoKishi and SYMBIOGENESIS, as well as the introduction of Cursed Stone and Sailwars to the NFT Web3 universe

Metap Inc.’s GensoKishi Online is the newest tool available to Immutable zkEVM customers. It is the native metaverse version of the well-known game Elemental Knights Online, which has amassed 8 million downloads globally and won Taiwan’s 2012 Game of the Year (Gold) award.

GensoKishi Online’s developers want to use blockchain to create a new economy in their fantasy world. This system will offer new locations, activities, and entertainment, as well as complete ownership through decentralisation.

Square Enix, the company behind Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Star Ocean, and Dragon Quest, announced a new cooperation between GensoKishi and SYMBIOGENESIS, an NFT art initiative.

Cursed Stone is an open-world 3D web3 MMORPG with PvE, PvP, and Siege modes. Players can customise their characters using dynamic NFTs.

Players can trade the complete character, levels, and items in one transaction because the community owns them.

Due to the game’s creative role-playing framework, each class has a unique set of duties that players can utilise to specialise, giving each NFT a unique and desirable quality.

The potential for fusing NFC and NFT technologies to change how people interact with the digital world is another area of interest for developers.

Last but not least, Sailwars is a brand-new, immersive NFT web3 game that draws inspiration from classic naval combat and books like The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Ice and Fire.

It will showcase a virtual environment where explorers can set out on an exciting voyage across various civilizations and the borders of land and sea.

Sailwars combines cutting-edge gaming with blockchain technology, providing a variety of fight scenarios like PvE, PvP, and Guild vs. Guild.

In particular, it allows users to take part in thrilling treasure hunts, discover hidden mysteries, fight strategically, and explore new areas all within the framework of a thriving community.

The Web3 game Sailwars is transforming the NFT market

As a Web3 game, Sailwars allows users to exchange in-game items like heroes, ships, and weaponry for NFTs, which may be exchanged freely on a public market.

Players can earn reward tokens for taking part in battles by developing and enhancing their talents.

27 prestigious partners, including Disney China, Alibaba Cloud, Wanxiang Blockchain, and Immutable, have so far endorsed Sailwars. In order to increase commercial potential worldwide, it has also formed agreements with a variety of businesses.

Developers can use Immutable zkEVM to get all the tools they need to employ digital asset management to enhance their games.

Complete compatibility with EVM and the entire array of immutable tools, including SDKs, APIs, and solutions like Orderbook, Checkout, and Passport, are all included in this.

A number of game production teams, including Shardbound, SimWin Sports, Space Nation, S369, Moongaming, Sandbox, Eyeball Games, Magmabyte, and others, have already committed to building their web3 games using Immutable zkEVM.

Major platforms including AQUA Marketplace, TokenTrove Marketplace, BlockScout, GameStop, AtomicHub, and others are also partners in the Immutable zkEVM ecosystem.

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