The platform will give out Planet Mojo, Shrapnel, and other NFTs in March. Cross-chain NFT platform Magic Eden has.

Web3 projects linked with Magic Eden get complimentary mints.
March will bring free NFTs from Planet Mojo, Shrapnel, and more.

Magic Eden announced Mint Madness for March. Starting Friday, March 3, 2023, the NFT marketplace will provide free mints for over a dozen Web3 gaming projects.

Magic Eden will start with NFTs from Polygon-exclusive Planet Mojo. Magic Eden will attract crypto natives with free mints. Polygon, Ethereum, and Solana will receive free NFTs from popular games in the coming weeks.

Mint Madness

Magic Eden thinks Mint Madness’ free mints will be a fun way for games to engage with native audiences on Web3. The platform is happy to help participating games enter NFTs.

Nine Polygon, three Ethereum, and one Solana projects will distribute free NFTs during Mint Madness.

Planet Mojo, Meta Star Strikers, and Alaska Gold Rush will launch free minting on the Magic Eden Launchpad in March. Shrapnel, an FPS, will be the only Magic Eden project with cross-chain mint, launching on Polygon on March 15 and Ethereum on March 22.

The remaining games offering free NFT mints are Petobots, Blast Royale, Rogue Nation, Tearing Spaces, Freckle Trivia, Realm Hunter, Legendary Heroes Unchained, and Papu Superstars.


Magic Eden CGO Chris Akhavan said:

“Many web3 games don’t need NFTs to monetize. Yet, NFTs are crucial user engagement tools for them to express their vision and work with a captive and invested audience. We’re the greatest partner to boost their efforts and integrate them into the NFT ecosystem.”

NFT invested in its first game studios.

Magic Eden will provide social media leaderboards for its new “Mint Madness” campaign. This tracks secondary market Mint Madness NFT trades.

The top 10 Polygon collection traders by volume will get a chain from a reward pool of 20,000 MATIC, worth $23,445 at press time. First-place winners earn 4500 MATIC, or $5275.


Why Care?

Complimentary mints can boost user engagement. Mint Madness can help game developers reach early adopters and increase their fanbase. Gamers can also fully experience linked games.

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