Outsourcing in Serbia

In this Premium interview Markelitics explore the advantages of outsourcing in Serbia and how it can benefit companies looking to expand their operations while discussing with one of the outsourcing leaders in this filed Silver Bell Group with their leader Marko Dubocanin.

Marko, the founder of Silver Bell Group, has been recognized for his outstanding job in the outsourcing industry.
With a background in investment banking, Marko saw the untapped potential of high-quality talent in Serbia and decided to open a company for outsourcing.

In the early days of Silver Bell Group, Marko personally trained individuals and built a training center to address the lack of knowledge in the financial fintech industry in Serbia.
As the first company offering access to international financial markets and teaching about financial technologies, Silver Bell Group quickly became a super cool employer, attracting top talent and gaining clients globally.

Despite being considered a UFO company in Belgrade, Serbia, Silver Bell Group’s success has only continued to grow. Today, with over a dozen employees who have been with the company since its first days, Silver Bell Group remains a leading force in the outsourcing industry in south-eastern Europe.

Serbia as one of the key points

Marko’s foresight and dedication have revolutionized outsourcing in Serbia, and Silver Bell Group is a testament to his vision and hard work.

Outsourcing has become a popular option for businesses looking to reduce coss and improve efficiency.
Among the countries that have emerged as key outsourcing destinations, Serbia stands out as a reliable and efficient partner.

One of the key advantages of outsourcing in Serbia is the quality of the labor force.
The unemployment rate is low, and salaries are competitive, making it an attractive destination for companies looking to hire quality employees. Belgrade, in particular, is a hub for outsourcing, with a strong pool of well-educated professionals with excellent language skills. The culture is similar to that of Western Europe, making it easier to work with companies in that region.

Outsourcing from bottom-up is the preferred strategy, with companies outsourcing lower and mid-level positions.
Serbia is an excellent partner in this regard, with a reputation for providing quality employees. Over the years, the knowledge and skills of the Serbian workforce have grown, making them experienced in certain areas where other countries are not. Employers can rely on Serbian outsourcing partners to provide well-trained employees, who have gained experience working with various companies in the region.

“You never outsurce the top managment, you always outsource from bottoms up”

Marko Dubocanin

A strong political stability in Serbia is another key advantage.
The country has been stable for over 20 years, making it a safe and reliable destination for outsourcing. This stability is in contrast to other countries in the region, such as Ukraine, which has been facing political instability.

Outsourcing in Serbia provides a cost-effective way to establish a dedicated remote team. Companies can have their exclusive office in Belgrade, with the outsourcing partner handling payroll, hiring, firing, setting up the office, and management. The team can provide a wide range of services, including sales, customer support, digital marketing, or I.T.

It is important to note that outsourcing requires a strong local manager to keep the team motivated. However, the best deals come from receiving a project manager from the client’s side, coupled with a project manager from the outsourcing company, to build a strong team. The outsourcing partner can offer more than 60 languages, making it easy to target specific markets, such as Europe or Latin America. The language variety is managed by the client, along with the internal team’s local manager.


In conclusion, outsourcing in Serbia provides a stable and reliable environment for companies looking to expand their operations. The quality of the labor force, stable political environment, and cost-effectiveness make Serbia an attractive outsourcing partner. Companies can establish their dedicated remote team in Belgrade, with the outsourcing partner handling all aspects of the operation. As outsourcing continues to gain popularity, Serbia’s reputation as a strong outsourcing partner is set to grow.

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