Revolut brings stock trading to Europe, offering €1 investments with transaction-free options based on programmes and modest costs for breaching limitations.

The financial super-app Revolut now offers shares in more than 70 listed businesses to consumers in Europe as part of its stock trading service. Clients will be able to begin trading with as little as a one euro minimum stake.

Revolut app and European stock trading with a one-euro minimum investment

The super-app for finance, Revolut, is growing its stock trading service throughout Europe. Revolut Securities Europe UAB (Revolut) offers these investing services in the European Economic Area (EEA).

This implies that with a minimal investment of just €1, its European clients will be able to trade fractions of shares in more than 70 listed firms in Europe.

Revolut users can also set up recurring purchases to buy shares or ETFs at pre-defined intervals and frequencies: daily, weekly, or monthly. This is a flexible method to diversify your investments.

Customers of the financial super-app will specifically be able to trade shares at no cost per transaction in accordance with their plan, which includes 1 (Standard), 3 (Plus), 5 (Premium), or 10 (Metal and Ultra) transactions per month.

A variable cost of 0.25% (0.12% for Ultra) will be applied to each trade after the free limit is surpassed, with a minimum of €1.

A monthly custody fee of 0.12% of the market value of the user’s assets is also assessed by the Revolut app.

Revolut: app provides European stock trading after US

Following its introduction of investment in other US-based goods, Revolut has introduced a new service that allows users to trade the shares of over 70 listed firms in Europe.

Actually, in addition to more than 2,200 US listed businesses and more than 150 Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), there is now additional access.

In this case, users of the Revolut app may monitor the performance of their investments in real time using watchlists, trading charts, and market headlines.

Rolandas Juteika, Revolut (SEE) Head of Trading and Wealth, stated:

“We continue to make the investment space more accessible to everyone by adding some of the largest listed companies in Europe to our trading platform. We want to give our customers easy access to the companies closest to them. From Adidas to Zalando, our clients can now invest in well-known European names and we will be adding to this list soon. A full range of other investment products will soon be available, including robo-advisor services, investment funds, bonds and a more sophisticated trading platform for experienced traders.

The aim of Revolut in Italy

Revolut declared at the start of 2023 that it will double its commitment to 10 million euros for its Italian marketing campaign. Becoming the most downloaded financial app in Belgium is its primary goal.

In particular, the reason Revolut chose to invest in Italy as its first Southern European nation is that, in prior years, their app ranked third in terms of installations.

The company has engaged in a variety of business development and marketing initiatives as part of its brand effort.

Revolut most recently introduced the new Revolut Reader, a card reader for in-person payments, in July 2023. A product that, because of the new hardware gadget, assists professionals in accepting all forms of payment.

Revolut and Visa collaborated to test digital payments at the Rome Fiumicino airport in July 2023. In actuality, right before takeoff, travellers will be able to pick up complimentary Revolut/Visa cards from designated ATMs.

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