Swiss crypto bank rebrands after being among the first to offer crypto banking services under FINMA in 2019.

The fully licensed Swiss crypto bank, formerly known as SEBA Bank AG, has changed its name to AMINA Bank AG. In 2019, SEBA Bank AG became one of the first organizations under FINMA regulation to offer crypto banking services.

SEBA Bank rebrands to AMINA Bank

AMINA Bank AG provides traditional and cryptocurrency banking services to its clientele worldwide. The term “transAMINAtion,” which refers to the transference of one compound to another, is where the new name originates. AMINA is a brand that is always evolving. It combines the several digital, traditional, and cryptocurrency banking “compounds.” The goal of all of this is to help its clients reach new heights and experience progress. The financial futures of its clients are being transformed by this vision of change.

Other than seeing the new name, current customers of AMINA Bank (previously SEBA Bank) won’t be impacted by the branding; everything will continue to operate as usual.

After then, an application for a name change will be made by the Hong Kong and Singaporean subsidiaries, as well as the Abu Dhabi branch office. This is in accordance with the Zug headquarters.

The beginning of a novel

The CEO of AMINA, Franz Bergmueller, stated: “We are excited to present our new corporate identity to the globe. Even though we are bidding the SEBA moniker farewell, we will always be proud of the accomplishments done under the previous logo.

“A new chapter in the company’s growth and strategy is marked by our brand. As a major force in cryptocurrency banking, we are here to shape the financial landscape of the future. With years of experience in both traditional and cryptocurrency finance, together with a client-focused approach, we provide a platform that allows investors to safely create money. Everybody is subject to the strictest regulations.

We express our gratitude to our devoted and encouraging investors. They have been incredibly beneficial in helping the business expand. We appreciate the commitment and client-centeredness of all of our staff across all regions. Our goal is to quicken the expansion of our key centers by the year 2024. particularly in Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, and Switzerland. We wish to carry on with our worldwide expansion, building on all of the accomplishments we have made in recent years.

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