This article discusses the evolving role of AI in the Web3 gaming industry, focusing on how companies like Telescope Labs are reshaping the landscape.

AI has long been utilized in games, mostly to enhance computer-controlled opponents and produce engaging experiences. However, with the emergence of Web3 gaming, its role is changing and becoming more prominent. With the use of AI, businesses like Telescope Labs are reshaping the Web3 game industry.

Telescope Labs Uses AI in Video Games

Telescope Labs released a full suite of AI-powered solutions for Web3 gaming on Wednesday, July 5. The product line gives gaming businesses the tools they need to build resilient virtual economies.

Resource management systems within a game, such as the collection and use of resources, frequently in the form of in-game money or products, are referred to as in-game economies. This is especially important for Web3 gaming, because the experience depends heavily on in-game economies.

The AI-powered solutions from Telescope Labs can examine and forecast patterns in these in-game economies, giving game developers useful information. This can aid game designers in creating more engaging and balanced games.

Building AI-Powered Web3 Gaming Economies

Semih Gilan, CEO and Co-Founder of Telescope Labs, stated that “harnessing the power of AI enables us to unlock invaluable insights that will drive the future of game development and support developers in creating immersive and engaging experiences.”

Griffin Gaming Partners and Kube VC, two venture capital firms, invested $2 million in Telescope Labs to support its mission. Griffin Gaming Partners’ managing director and co-founder Phil Sanderson outlined their view on the importance of gaming economics.

According to Sanderson, “just like real-world economies, in-game economies must be balanced: if the inflow and outflow of in-game resources aren’t carefully managed, it could lead to hyperinflation or deflation, disrupting the gaming experience and creating player dissatisfaction, possibly having real-world economic repercussions.

On the other hand

  • Although AI may aid game creators in creating better games, it cannot yet take the position of developers and designers.
  • Despite receiving billions in investment, the Web3 gaming sector has yet to receive mainstream acclaim.

The potential for new investment opportunities grows as blockchain technology and the gaming industry continue to converge.

Telescope Labs
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