FlowwFunds, backed by Force Over Mass, streamlines venture capital with an all-in-one platform for efficient fund structuring, raising, and deployment.

Venture capital firms have distinct obstacles. The conventional procedures, which involved everything from fund structuring to capital raising and investment deployment, were laborious and time-consuming. With the introduction of FlowwFunds, fintech platform Floww seeks to improve the venture capital sector’s accessibility, efficiency, and transparency.

FlowwFunds, an all-in-one, simplified platform for venture capital funds, is powered by early adopter funds, such as Force Over Mass. With a one-stop shop that handles everything from creating the investment management agreement (IMA) to managing custody, regulatory reporting, investor reporting, and paying agent services, the design seeks to streamline fund structuring, raising, and deployment while removing the administrative headache.

It also involves the use of Floww Certificates, an internationally tradable product that keeps investors’ tax advantages while providing them with more liquidity.

“For the venture capital industry to operate more effectively, innovation and simplification are required. Martijn de Wever, the founder and CEO of Floww, stated, “We think we can unlock further growth and innovation across the ecosystem by addressing challenges that VCs face while running their funds.”

“VCs are overburdened with antiquated and administratively demanding processes, leaving them with little time for deal flow and value-add for entrepreneurs. As a result, innovation and private companies are frequently deprived of capital.” We have made it easier to structure, raise, and deploy capital using FlowwFunds, allowing venture capitalists to concentrate on their areas of expertise.

Venture capital


FlowwFunds, according to Floww, solves a compatibility issue between venture capital and pension funds. It offers access to a broad range of industries, granular information, and the appropriate governance structure for the deployment and monitoring of substantial resources.

“We are addressing the outstanding liquidity challenges that the current venture capital industry faces while also solving both technical and structural problems at the foundation of this large-scale ambition for pension funds to invest £50 billion into VC by 2030,” de Wever added. “We are offering businesses and money a real, functional secondary market. transferring money at the rate of innovation.

One of the first venture capital firms to raise two funds using the FlowwFunds platform is Force Over Mass. A seed and growth fund targeted at B2B tech firms is being raised.

Recently, scaling businesses have received money on Floww, including Careless Insurance in the personal items insurance industry, PubX, a digital startup leveraging AI in the publishing market, and SuperFi, a platform aimed at resolving the debt crisis in the UK.

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