XXImo leads as one of the first EU Visa issuers processing payments solely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, starting Q1 2024.

In Q1 2024, one of the first EU Visa card issuers to process payments exclusively over the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud will be XXImo, a business mobility payments platform.

Using Visa Cloud Connect and AWS Payment Cryptography, XXImo intends to reduce operating costs and develop its business by offering flexible mobility payments to European corporate employers and resellers.

In addition to helping XXImo scale and optimize its platform requirements, processing all of its payments through AWS will provide it with the infrastructure it needs to quickly expand its business throughout Europe.

“Going all in on AWS and processing payments in the cloud will transform our business, providing a powerful new foundation for growth and innovation,” stated Zaheer Sacranie, chief technology officer of XXImo. We think that this investment in XXImo’s future is already paying off handsomely.

XXImo provides mobility payment cards with compliant payment processing to businesses directly as a licensed Payment and Electronic Money Institution (EMI). Additionally, the company sells white-label solutions to resellers in the gasoline, parking, charging, fleet management, and leasing sectors. Over the next two years, XXlmo predicts that there will be a large increase due to the demand for these compliance services.

AWS Europe, Middle East, and Africa managing director Tanuja Randery also offered her thoughts on the announcement, saying, “XXImo’s dedication to innovation and enabling sustainability for its customers aligns perfectly with AWS’s own values.” This creates interesting new opportunities for future synergies between the two companies, and we’re interested to see where XXImo’s creative use of the cloud will lead it.

(AWS) Cloud

Escalating need for reporting on sustainability

In order to help its clients comply with the regulations pertaining to the reporting of carbon emissions from their companies, XXImo offers comprehensive analysis of the mobility footprint of its employees in addition to supporting contemporary mobility policies.

Customers can give their employees more options for how they travel while tracking and managing their environmental effect because XXImo cards are accepted across the full mobility network, including fuel, hotels, all public transportation, auto rentals, bike and scooter sharing, and air travel.

XXImo is fully embracing AWS, shutting down its data centers, and moving all of its operations to AWS in response to the increasing demand brought on by sustainability reporting and laws. This will support the payment processing platform’s scalability, security, and continuity.

By adopting a cloud-native approach with AWS, XXImo will also be able to broaden the scope of its research and development with Amazon Bedrock and Amazon SageMaker, investigating how generative artificial intelligence can enhance customers’ and their employees’ mobility management experiences while leveraging machine learning to supplement reporting with additional layers of analysis.

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