A blockchain NFT game dubbed “Leap to NFT” for the Game Boy system has garnered gaming headlines as an unprecedented invention.

A blockchain NFT game called “Leap to NFT” that was created for the well-known Game Boy system has recently made headlines in the gaming industry as an unheard-of innovation. We are now accustomed to seeing and using protocols, dApps, and video games that formerly appeared impossible thanks to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries.

As we all know, there used to be significant barriers such as the difficulty of developing innovative products and the lack of a strong and affordable basis to build on.

However, NFTs have created new opportunities for the widespread adoption of blockchain, and this industry has steadily started to grow and include other disciplines outside art, including music, film, and video games.

Video games are introducing innovative concepts including “play-to-earn”, NFT-based game products, and token-based digital marketplaces. The Game Boy-based “Leap to NFT” NFT blockchain video game has revealed another major feature.

With regard to the Game Boy in particular, we can see that the operation will be centered on playing a unique video game that will finally enable the player to get a specialized NFT. The press release noted that this NFT would feature exclusive material.

The Italian business Hoken Tech, which is well-known for its work in NFTs and the development of blockchain-based video games, is the brains behind this innovative initiative.

The startup has completed several special projects and was recently prominently shown at DigithOn 2023 alongside the top 100 Italian startups.

It should be mentioned that this video game was produced exclusively for a physical system and calls for a unique cartridge designed just for it. The team, however, has graciously chosen to allow everyone the chance to participate in this remarkable experience and earn the associated NFT.

Leap to NFT: a cutting-edge video game offered by NFT

We can also see that customers will be able to play this video game on both PCs and smartphones by going to the specific Leap to NFT page on Itch.

Everyone can participate thanks to the user-friendly interface, and those who finish the video game will receive an NFT as compensation.

The video game’s technological foundation is the EOS blockchain. In order to acquire the linked NFT and access its secret content, users must confirm the transaction with their wallet (Anchor Wallet) after completing the experience.

Unprecedented in its innovative element and with a simple learning curve, this video game is unquestionably extraordinary. With this game, the world of blockchain-based video games and NFTs gets a breath of fresh air.

Google permits NFT game advertising, however there are some limitations.

NFT-based games will increase when Google changed its advertising strategy.

The IT giant announced in a blog post that the September 15th upgrade would allow NFT game advertising.

Google only allows these ads provided they don’t promote gambling or related companies.

In its advertising policy modification, Google continues to block ads for games that promote NFT gambling, whether against other players or for NFT or cryptocurrencies.

Social casino games like poker and roulette, which reward NFT bettors with real money, are still banned.

The company added that anyone using NFT to run gambling-related ads must follow Google’s gambling and advertising regulations and have Google Ads clearance.

Last but not least, Google requires advertisers to follow regional restrictions in their target markets. Finally, this new law applies to all Google users worldwide.

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