Google Cloud and Polygon Labs partnered at Consensus 2023 to enhance enterprise blockchain adoption. Polygon standards will give developers tools and infrastructure to expand.

Recent days saw the renowned Consensus 2023 cryptocurrency conference in Austin, Texas, where Google Cloud and Polygon Labs unveiled a multi-year agreement.

Accelerating enterprise use of blockchain technology is the aim.

Developers will be given resources and enterprise infrastructure through this agreement in order to employ Polygon standards to expedite expansion.


Ethereum’s primary layer-2 is called Polygon, and Polygon Labs is the organization in charge of creating solutions for the Polygon network.

Polygon Labs works with other ecosystem developers. They have also developed a set of protocols. These protocols help developers access scaling solutions quickly. The solutions include rollups, sidechains, hybrid chains, enterprise chains, and more.

Tens of thousands of decentralized apps are currently using Polygon’s solutions, and more than 1.18 million smart contracts and 2.48 billion transactions have been executed overall.

For instance, the Polygon network hosts several of the top Web3 projects, including Aave, Uniswap, and OpenSea, and businesses like Robinhood, Stripe, and Adobe use it.

The collaboration between Google Cloud and Polygon

Simply put, Google Cloud is Google’s cloud. It uses Google technologies to help businesses transform faster.

It helps clients in over 200 countries solve even the toughest business problems.

Polygon Labs and Google Cloud are planning joint engineering and go-to-market strategies to help businesses develop Web3 products and dApps.

The Polygon PoS, Polygon Supernet, and Polygon zkEVM solutions will all be used in this partnership.

The Google Cloud Market

The objective of Google Cloud is to take the lead in providing strategic cloud services for Polygon protocols.

In fact, the Google Cloud Marketplace now enables developers to rapidly and cheaply deploy a Polygon PoS node, enabling them to swiftly and easily power dApps.

As a part of the Google Cloud Public Dataset initiative, the Polygon blockchain dataset was initially posted on the Google Cloud Marketplace in 2021.

The set of data created by Polygon Labs can be integrated into BigQuery. BigQuery is a Google Cloud enterprise data warehouse. Developers can analyze the data in real-time on-chain and cross-chain. The analysis can be done using either Polygon PoS or Polygon Supernet.

They can alter and expand the blockspace thanks to Polygon Supernets, a specific software chain. Polygon Labs will enable the deployment of its DevNet on Google Cloud by the end of the third quarter of 2023.

The Node Engine for Blockchain

Additionally, Google Cloud will introduce its fully managed node hosting service, dubbed Blockchain Node Engine, to the Polygon ecosystem.

The Blockchain Node Engine’s support for Purpl will allow developers to focus on expansion while still having full control over where Polygon PoS nodes are deployed.

Developers can quickly and cheaply set up, run, and manage their own blockchain nodes by doing so.

Web3 Go-to-Market for Asia Pacific CEO Mitesh Agarwal said:

The industry is experiencing a flight to quality as corporations seek to minimize risk when exploring new possibilities in Web3.
Building on our work over the past few years, Google Cloud is helping the industry achieve escape velocity by directing our engineering efforts toward areas like improving data availability and enhancing the resilience and performance of scaling protocols like zero-knowledge proofs. 
Alongside Searce as our implementation partner, we look forward to deepening our collaboration with Polygon Labs to deliver the enterprise-ready Web3 infrastructure and developer-friendly tools that businesses need to offer fast, frictionless, and secure access to dApps for consumers.

Finally Ryan Wyatt, president of Polygon Labs, continued:

Google Cloud supporting all of the Polygon protocols is a step in the right direction to help onboard more people into Web3.
Today’s announcement with Google Cloud aims to increase transaction throughput enabling use cases in gaming, supply chain management, and DeFi.
This will pave the way for even more businesses to embrace blockchain technology through Polygon.

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