Google updates its advertising guidelines, permitting NFT game ads that don’t involve gambling starting September 15, 2023.

As long as they are not gambling games, Google has declared that starting on September 15, it will permit adverts on NFT games.

The new choice is a component of an upgrade to the search engine’s new advertising guidelines for cryptocurrency and associated goods.

Google’s revised NFT and cryptocurrency advertising guidelines for September

For the month of September 2023, Google has changed its advertising guidelines for the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFT industries.

The search engine specifically said that new adverts from marketers promoting blockchain-based and NFT games would be permitted.

In reality, any NFT games that let users buy in-game things that are eaten or utilized to improve the user’s experience or advance the game will be permitted.

Google refers to virtual character clothes, stat-enhanced weapons, and armor as examples of in-game things.

Google, on the other hand, disallows all blockchain-based and NFT games that incorporate betting and gambling.

Advertisements for games on Google and NFT are not included

The internet behemoth continued by outlining precisely which NFT games will not be permitted to display advertisements.

The promotion of social casino games like poker, slots, or roulette that give the potential to earn non-fungible tokens is among those on the list.

In addition, games where players can gamble NFTs in exchange for the possibility to win something of actual value (including other NFTs) are not included in Google’s new crypto ad policy.

Advertisers must abide with the gambling and gaming policy and hold a Google Ads certification for these kinds of games.

Google continues by emphasizing that all NFT game marketers must adhere to local regulations in the regions where their advertising are focused in addition to these rules.

Google will suspend the account with a warning at least seven days before suspension if users disregard this amended policy.

Updates, reopenings, and bans

NFT game

In 2018, Google outlawed cryptocurrencies and prohibited any cryptocurrency-related advertising on its services. Without saying whether this ban was temporary or permanent at the time, all of this.

The internet behemoth will once more choose to close its doors to the cryptocurrency industry on August 3rd, 2021, initially admitting that marketers in the United States would promote their companies as exchanges or wallets.

In this scenario, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) certification would be required for US advertisers.

Although the aforementioned guidelines are applicable globally, Google is currently revising this to incorporate NFT games.

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